On 24.06.2016 an Interconnection Agreement (IA) for the common IP Kulata/Sidirokasto was concluded between DESFA S.A. and BULGARTRANSGAZ EAD for the purposes of:

  1. a) securing safe, reliable and effective operation of the interconnected transmission systems;
  2. b) promoting the development of a competitive and liquid Natural Gas market in IP Kulata/Sidirokastro, including reverse flow from Greece to Bulgaria;
  3. c) determining the conditions for coordinated operation of the interconnected gas transmission systems;
  4. d) establishing data/information exchange and guaranteeing their bilateral collaboration.

Regarding the implementation of the European legislation and the respective Network Codes adopted under Regulation (EC) No 715/2009, both TSOs agreed on the revision of the Business Rules of their Interconnection Agreement. These Business Rules along with the provisions dealing with the exceptional events, related to the natural gas transmission through the IP, are presented hereof for public consultation.

This consultation is intended to collect views from all parties interested in transmitting natural gas through IP Kulata/Sidirokastro either towards Greece or Bulgaria.

With this respect BULGARTRANSGAZ EAD and DESFA S.A. invite all interested parties to provide comments on the above procedures within the period 30 January – 22 February, 2017 CΟΒ. All responses should be submitted to both TSO’s in English language to the following e-mails:



Please indicate explicitly if the responses contain information that is confidential vis-à-vis third parties.

Additionally, you can find for your information the agreed Default Nomination Rules that are applied by the Transmission System Operators at the IP here.